October 2

Weekend Musings

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. Life is busy and I hate typing from my mobile keyboard. Anyway, to get right to the musings.

There has been a lot going on in the world, especially as New South Wales in Australia has essentially turned itself into an apartheid state. By tracking and strictly regulating the activities of the unwanted (e.g. the unvaccinated), by forcing people to stay in their homes or risk being brutally assaulted by what were supposed to be the community’s protectors (police and military), by completely abandoning any semblance of being a “free, western democracy” (whatever that was supposed to mean in the first place). It’s not stopping in Australia. In Canada, the MPs have voted to suspend federal elections (not that voting really made a difference for minority viewpoints).

While the vaccine continues to get more infectious and less deadly, governments around the world – with some notable exceptions – continue to enact more dangerous laws infringing on their citizens. However, vaccine mandates are set to become more of a thing in the U.S. And the histrionics around it have yet to subside as people refuse to do their own research, instead blindly trusting news agencies and so-called experts known to have lied to them numerous times. If there was ever a time in our lives to be getting ready for, this was it. Things are going to get worse. There is still time to move toward self-sustainability. There are resources still available.

Time is running out, though.

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