September 27

Early Morning Thoughts

As I sit here this morning, contemplating whether or not to go back to bed for a few hours, I find myself wondering if I will ever in my lifetime be truly self-sufficient. I don’t necessarily mean producing everything I use. That’s literally impossible. I do mean, however, not being reliant on the state for anything, nor beholden to it for anything. Truly owning property (in other words, no more property tax), not being taxed at the stores or the fuel pump, the whole 9 yards. I feel like that the koof has accelerated the awareness in more people of what the state really is all about. It has opened a lot more eyes, but it’s also caused a lot more people to double down in their defense of the state. We now clearly have two different classes of people. Those who will never give up the government no matter how bad it gets and everyone else.

I’m not sure that there is a good solution to this two-class society. Those who will defend the government will also never leave the rest of us alone. We won’t be allowed to secede from their society, despite clearly both not being wanted nor wanting to consent to their government (and it is their government, not ours). The more we push for self-sufficiency, the more we try to ignore the state, the angrier they get.

I don’t have a solution to the problem, but I do know what I do have a solution for. Next year I’m growing my tomatoes differently. Starting today I’m going to put in more effort to grow more of my own food. Keeping more of my money at the expense of more of my time is acceptable to me.

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