October 2

Weekend Musings

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. Life is busy and I hate typing from my mobile keyboard. Anyway, to get right to the musings.

There has been a lot going on in the world, especially as New South Wales in Australia has essentially turned itself into an apartheid state. By tracking and strictly regulating the activities of the unwanted (e.g. the unvaccinated), by forcing people to stay in their homes or risk being brutally assaulted by what were supposed to be the community’s protectors (police and military), by completely abandoning any semblance of being a “free, western democracy” (whatever that was supposed to mean in the first place). It’s not stopping in Australia. In Canada, the MPs have voted to suspend federal elections (not that voting really made a difference for minority viewpoints).

While the vaccine continues to get more infectious and less deadly, governments around the world – with some notable exceptions – continue to enact more dangerous laws infringing on their citizens. However, vaccine mandates are set to become more of a thing in the U.S. And the histrionics around it have yet to subside as people refuse to do their own research, instead blindly trusting news agencies and so-called experts known to have lied to them numerous times. If there was ever a time in our lives to be getting ready for, this was it. Things are going to get worse. There is still time to move toward self-sustainability. There are resources still available.

Time is running out, though.

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September 27

Early Morning Thoughts

As I sit here this morning, contemplating whether or not to go back to bed for a few hours, I find myself wondering if I will ever in my lifetime be truly self-sufficient. I don’t necessarily mean producing everything I use. That’s literally impossible. I do mean, however, not being reliant on the state for anything, nor beholden to it for anything. Truly owning property (in other words, no more property tax), not being taxed at the stores or the fuel pump, the whole 9 yards. I feel like that the koof has accelerated the awareness in more people of what the state really is all about. It has opened a lot more eyes, but it’s also caused a lot more people to double down in their defense of the state. We now clearly have two different classes of people. Those who will never give up the government no matter how bad it gets and everyone else.

I’m not sure that there is a good solution to this two-class society. Those who will defend the government will also never leave the rest of us alone. We won’t be allowed to secede from their society, despite clearly both not being wanted nor wanting to consent to their government (and it is their government, not ours). The more we push for self-sufficiency, the more we try to ignore the state, the angrier they get.

I don’t have a solution to the problem, but I do know what I do have a solution for. Next year I’m growing my tomatoes differently. Starting today I’m going to put in more effort to grow more of my own food. Keeping more of my money at the expense of more of my time is acceptable to me.

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August 24

Book Quote: Defending the Undefendable

“What is needed is not an arbitrary age limit which will apply to all people regardless of ability, temperment, and behavior, but rather a criteria which can take all these qualities into account. Moreover, the criteria should be consistent with the libertarian principle of self-ownership of property: namely homesteading. What is wanted is an application of the principle of homesteading, which establishes self-ownership and ownership of property, but applied now to the perplexing problem of when a child becomes an adult. Such a theory has been put forth by Professor Murray N. Rothbard. According to Rothbard, a child becomes an adult not when he reaches some arbitrary age limit, but rather when he does something to establish his ownership and control over his own person: namely, when he leaves home, and becomes able to support himself. This criteria, and only this criteria, is free of all the objections to arbitrary age limits. Moreover, not only is it consistent with the libertarian homesteading theory, it is but an application of it. For by leaving home and becoming his own means of support, the ex-child becomes an initiator, as the homesteader, and owes his improved state to his own actions.”
Walter Block, Defending the Undefendable

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July 20

Much to Learn

Starting a garden (again) is proving to be a painful process. I am definitely learning that I really don’t know what I think that I know. Of course, I have the resources of the Internet at my fingertips. Still, it is a little bit distressing that I have so much to learn while I move forward with what I am doing. At my age, I still feel like I should have had all of this already done, but of course, I wasn’t as fully aware of how much it would benefit me to be on top of this from the start.

My tomatoes, for example, seem to be suffering a little bit. I am going to buy some stakes (more likely some cheap trellis pieces and baling twine) and add some compost to the top of the soil layer. On the plus side they are fruiting so I am going to be keeping a close eye on things. I am excited to be able to get some delicious fruit that I grew myself. Next season I will be starting from seed indoors. I will try to get a decent amount of plants and try to select only the best plants to provide the seed for the following season.

My heirloom bell peppers also seem to be doing well, better in fact than the tomatoes! I hope that I get some decent-sized peppers as I want to do the same thing with the peppers as I am the tomatoes. I’m trying to grow a diversity of plants, starting with what I believe to be easy to care for plants. I even have some Egyptian walking onions I am going to be putting into pots in a little while. I’m not to the point of turning my entire front lawn into a garden (there are a few trees with deep roots that make that impractical currently), but I am getting there.

For all of my plants I am really trying to get away from man-made fertilizer and pesticides purely for health reasons. Extra risk for an extra reward. It’s also a lot of extra work and resource management. I have to spend time researching problems online, then find a way to deal with them without using poison. I really think that this is the way, to borrow from The Mandalorian.

Two seasons from now I want to actually start selling extra plants and produce for some extra money as I look to build a small greenhouse somewhere on the property. I want to start diversifying the plants that I am growing and move to have them growing in the ground instead of buckets or pots. I’m definitely going to look to u-line for smaller buckets, as well. 5-gallon buckets are a bit overkill for some of these plants.

I am also considering going aqua/hydroponic to see if I can get better results. I would love to be able to have food growing year round. I believe that with the tomatoes I could definitely do it in a green/hot house with proper lighting and heating setups. More research, more things that I don’t know (but soon enough I will).

I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that going forward I’m going to be freer than I was every previous day. I’ll be freer, healthier, and more knowledgeable. Knowledge is power, and those who freely share it are the most powerful of all.

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June 28

Starting Down A New Road

I have been doing a lot of podcast listening. The one thing that I’ve come to realize from all of this is that it’s far past time to dedicate myself to starting down a new road. It’s far past time to be an agorist, voluntaryist, or anarcho-capitalist. It’s long past time to actually act on these philosophies. In fact, it may be coming close to where we can choose to even follow these philosophies, much less talk about them. There are forces at work that are seeking to demonize those who do.

It’s time to move down a new road, an uncharted road, a potentially dangerous road. It’s a road we will have to traverse alone, but not by ourselves. There are people we can look to for help and those who will be looking to us for help. Over the next few months, I’m going to be setting up my home for success in self-sustainability. Small vegetable garden, some fruit trees, getting ready to raise chickens next year, a small greenhouse. Big things that can be achieved in small steps.

Don’t wait until you’re in your 40s to make these changes. Young men, young women, take charge of your lives now. Get ready now. For you older readers, it’s never too late to begin making yourself less reliant on big industry for your basic needs.

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